April 20, 2016

The SEC’s New “Registration Fee Estimator”

As noted in this press release, the SEC has a new filing fee estimator for companies. This tool is designed to assist registrants in preparing filing fee-related information for EDGAR filings – it’s optional to use & isn’t a substitute for doing your own calculations (as noted in our “SEC Filings Handbook,” there can be some tricky scenarios). The SEC will be building it out to include more forms & scenarios over time…

XBRL: Watch The Errors

As a reminder that making mistakes in your XBRL filings can happen, see this blog. However, the blog incorrectly insinuates that Corp Fin issued a comment to Goldman Sachs that resulted in the company having to amend its Form 10-K. The reality is that the error was self-caught and a reported printer error – and while not material, the company told the SEC about it as a matter of course when correcting….

Understanding the SEC Research Industry

Check out this 40-minute podcast with Phil Brown, who is the Chief Strategy Officer of Intelligize – & the former Co-Founder & CEO of GSI Online. Phil addresses these topics:

– How did you get into this business?
– What were things like in the beginning for your business?
– What was Edgar like in the beginning?
– How did all this work out for you personally?
– How crazy was it to FOIA all those Corp Fin comment letters?
– Can you tell us about the “great water heater incident”?
– What is the “conflicts authority” failure?
– What is Intelligize?

Broc Romanek