March 4, 2016

Did That CEO Look Happy? Buy, Buy, Buy!

My friend Jim Brashear of Conifer Health Solutions periodically makes an entry in his blog – “Brash Tacks” – and I love the latest entry:

This Wall Street Journal report on tech-enabled interpretation of CEO facial expression being correlated with a company’s financial performance may indicate new Regulation FD and 10b-5 risks for companies. This is a science fiction-like twist on reading an executive’s body language to supplement oral communications.

This 2014 WSJ report noted a smartphone app that claimed to analyze voices to determine the speakers’ emotional states.

Imagine a Minority Report dystopian future when corporate executives will be prosecuted by the SEC for merely thinking about FD violations . . . . wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more!

SEC’s Inspector General: No ALJ Bias

In this report, as noted in this Reuters article, the SEC’s Inspector General weighs into the controversy over bias allegations by administrative law judges in the SEC’s administrative proceedings. The SEC’s IG found no evidence to support the allegations.

More on “SEC Busts Earnings Release Hackers! 150K Releases Stolen Over 5 Years”

Back in August, the SEC announced it had caught the folks who had hacked and stolen thousands of earnings releases. Now, as this Reuters article explains, the SEC has brought an action in court against nine defendants…

Broc Romanek