December 8, 2015

The SEC’s Site Won’t Be Bullied: You’re in “Time Out”!

More than one member has told me that they have had a problem downloading an SEC release or pulling a filing from EDGAR on the SEC’s site – and here’s the note that has come up on their screen:

You’ve Exceeded the SEC’s Traffic Limit

Your request rate has exceeded the SEC’s threshold request per second rate. Your access to will be limited for 10 minutes.

Continuing to exceed the SEC’s threshold request rate during the time-out period will extend the period in which you are unable to access To ensure fair access for all users, please reduce the rate of your requests and visit again after the 10 minute time period has passed. Alternatively, please use the SEC’s File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server for bulk downloads of EDGAR filings.

Initially, I didn’t see how an individual retrieving documents on the SEC’s site could exceed a “request per second” rate given the demand can’t be akin to buying tickets to a Taylor Swift concert. But I think I have figured it out now – and will blog about that tomorrow. Participate in the anonymous poll below to give your 10 cents.

By the way, this blog by Ken Adams about the terms he has used to describe Edgar over the years is pretty funny…

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