December 21, 2015

Accredited Investors: Corp Fin Issues Staff Report

On Friday, Corp Fin (& Risk Fin) issued this 118-page Staff Report on the “Accredited Investor” definition, as noted in this press release. Dodd-Frank requires the SEC to study the definition every four years – and this is the first study. Comments are invited on the Staff recommendations contained in the report. See this Cooley blog

Crowdfunding: SEC Now Allowing “Form C” Test Filings

As noted in this Corp Fin announcement, companies may immediately begin test filings of the form to be used when conducting Regulation Crowdfunding offerings. The tests can be run til February 29th (yeah, a leap year).

During this test period, filers should identify their Form Cs as “test” filings. Live filings aren’t permitted until the rules are effective on May 16th. Test filings will not be reviewed by SEC staff or available to the public. As is the case with any document submitted on EDGAR, test filers should not submit confidential or personally identifiable information in the tests.

Board Diversity: Examples of Companies With More Women

Perhaps one way to encourage companies to better diversify their boards is to highlight those companies that have already done so. This Pay Governance memo does just that…

Broc Romanek