November 4, 2015

Our New “Corporate Secretary’s Department Handbook”

Spanking brand new. By popular demand, this comprehensive “Corporate Secretary’s Department Handbook” covers how to run a corporate secretary’s department, from how it’s organized and staffed to potential conflicts with other roles within the company. This one is a real gem – 30 pages of practical guidance.

ISS Data Verification Period Ends on November 13th

As noted in this blog by Ning Chiu, the ISS verification period has started – and companies have only until November 13th to review and correct the information that ISS uses to make its voting recommendations (& QuickScore calculations). Also read this Sidley memo about how ISS has updated it’s QuickScore formulas…

PCAOB’s Attempt to Inspect Chinese Auditors Collapses

This Bloomberg article gives us the bad news that the PCAOB still won’t be allowed to inspect the auditors for Chinese companies listed on US exchanges. Investors beware…

Webcast: “An M&A Conversation with Myron Steele & Jack Jacobs”

Tune in tomorrow for the webcast – “An M&A Conversation with Myron Steele & Jack Jacobs” – to hear about the latest state law developments from former Delaware Supreme Court Chief Justice Myron Steele and former Delaware Supreme Court Justice Jack Jacobs.

Broc Romanek