November 25, 2015

ISS: QuickScore 3.0 & Updated “Equity Plan Scorecard FAQs”

A few days ago, ISS released QuickScore 3.0, which doesn’t have too many tweaks. US subscribers will now be able to determine whether companies across the Russell 3000 allow for proxy access or the ability of shareholders to nominate directors. And this Mike Melbinger blog explains the updated “Equity Plan Scorecard FAQs”:

ISS made a few changes to the its new EPSC tool (expect more), including: (a) renamed as “CIC Vesting,” the Plan Features factor formerly known as “Automatic Single-Trigger Vesting” and changed the scoring levels plan provisions on the accelerated vesting of outstanding awards on a change in control; (b) increased the period required for full points with respect to the Post-Vesting/Exercise Holding Period Plan Feature to 36 months (versus 12 months previously); (c) re-named the “IPO” model as “Special Cases,” to analyze companies with less than three years of disclosed equity grant data (generally, IPOs and bankruptcy emergent companies); (d) added a new Special Cases model that includes Grant Practice factors other than Burn Rate and Duration will apply to Russell 3000/S&P 500 companies; and (e) adjusted certain factor scores in ISS’ proprietary scoring model. More to come on EPSC issues in future blogs.

Happy Holidays! A Little Zach Deputy…

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