November 16, 2015

Glass Lewis (Quietly) Issues 2016 Proxy Voting Guidelines

Without much fanfare, Glass Lewis posted its “Guidelines for the 2016 Proxy Season” on Friday, which includes a summary of the changes to its policies for the upcoming proxy season on pages 1-2. I say it was done “quietly” because I see no mention of it on the Glass Lewis blog or GL’s home page

By the way, page 5 of the Glass Lewis policy updates includes a link to this 26-page “Shareholder Initiatives Guidelines” from earlier this year. There is no change in their look at proxy access on a case-by-case basis….

Dave & Marty’s “Pay Ratio Puppet Show”

Due to popular demand, we have posted the full 5-minute pay ratio puppet show that Dave & Marty performed at our recent “Proxy Disclosure Conference” on Check it out and then participate in the anonymous poll below:

Poll: Dave & Marty’s “Pay Ratio Puppet Show”

I find Dave & Marty’s pay ratio puppet show to be…

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