September 4, 2015

Our Conference’s Family Feud: We Need Your Input for “Survey Says”

Given that I’m in the conference planning business, I’m a bit of a conference connoisseur – I love to innovate so that our attendees learn as much practical information as they can – but yet consume our conferences in a way that is not painful. And even fun!

For example, the “Proxy Disclosure Conference” day of our upcoming pair of conferences includes seven “PEP Talks” this year. These are 5-minute presentations on discrete narrow topics that are designed to break up a long day of learning. Note that no single panel is “long” – the longest panel is 45 minutes – as my design is 20 panel slots in a 8.5 hour programming day. That forces speakers to give you their best. No time to waste droning on.

Another way that I force our speakers to give you their best is by having each of them put together a set of bulleted “Talking Points.” That way, you can take notes directly on their written practical guidance. Our “Course Materials” simply can’t be beat!

Last year, I experimented with our keynote panel by organizing it so that it was like the “Survivor” TV show. To start, each panelist created their own superhero alter ego – complete with an origin story – and dressed the part. Then, the audience voted someone off after each panelist answered a substantive question – until we were down to two winners.

That was so much fun for everyone that we are keeping the “game” theme and I have designed this year’s keynote to be like the “Family Feud” TV show. We are now in the process of obtaining feedback from you – so that we have the data for the “survey says” part of the show. Please take a moment to fill out this survey. You can remain anonymous – or you can include your name to be entered in a raffle for a $100 Amazon gift certificate! And you don’t have to be registered for the conference to participate in this survey.

Go ahead & come out to San Diego on October 27-28th for our pair of conferences and have some fun! Register now.