August 28, 2015

SEC’s Filing Fees: Going Down 13% for Fiscal Year 2016!

Yesterday, the SEC issued this fee advisory that sets the filing fee rates for registration statements for 2016. Right now, the filing fee rate for Securities Act registration statements is $116.20 per million (the same rate applies under Sections 13(e) and 14(g)). Under the SEC’s new order, this rate will dip to $100.70 per million, a 13.3% drop. Nice to see another reduction after last year’s 10% drop (which combined with a drop in the rate two years ago, offsets a hefty price hike from three years ago).

As noted in the SEC’s order, the new fees will go into effect on October 1st like the last four years (as mandated by Dodd-Frank) – which is a departure from years before that when the new rate didn’t become effective until five days after the date of enactment of the SEC’s appropriation for the new year – which often was delayed well beyond the October 1st start of the government’s fiscal year as Congress and the President battled over the government’s budget.

Board Succession Planning Databases

In this podcast, Equilar’s David Chun discusses the latest in Equilar’s line of services – BoardEdge, including:

– What is “BoardEdge”?
– How does it compare to a company hiring a recruiter?
– Any surprises since you launched?

Our “Q&A Forum”: The Big 8500!

In our “Q&A Forum,” we have blown by query #8500 (although the “real” number is much higher since many of the queries have others piggy-backed on them). I know this is patting ourselves on the back, but it’s over 14 years of sharing expert knowledge and is quite a resource. Combined with the Q&A Forums on our other sites, there have been well over 28,000 questions answered.

You are reminded that we welcome your own input into any query you see. And remember there is no need to identify yourself if you are inclined to remain anonymous when you post a reply (or a question). And of course, remember the disclaimer that you need to conduct your own analysis and that any answers don’t contain legal advice.

– Broc Romanek