March 24, 2015

Analyst Research: Comparison of FINRA’s Proposed Equity & Debt Rules

This MoFo blog by Nilene Evans & Stephanie Uhrig is useful:

In November 2014, and further amended in February 2015, FINRA announced a comprehensive revision of the equity research rule currently numbered as NASD Rule 2711 and proposed a debt research rule modeled on the equity research rule. The equity research rule would be numbered FINRA Rule 2241 and the debt research rule would be numbered FINRA Rule 2242. The amended rule proposals can be found here: SR-FINRA-2014-047 (equity) and SR-FINRA-2014-048 (debt). The structures of the two rules are very similar but there are important differences. To guide your analysis of the two rules, here is a link to a line-by-line comparison of the two rules.

Proposed: The “Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act”

This proposed legislation – known as the “Delaware Rapid Arbitration Act” – is working its way through the Delaware General Assembly and would enable Delaware entities to engage in a rapid and efficient form of arbitration. It’s expected that the legislation will become law next month (with an effective date 30 days later). Here’s a set of FAQs on the bill – and a blog about it from the Delaware Division of Corporations.

March-April Issue: Deal Lawyers Print Newsletter

This March-April issue of the Deal Lawyers print newsletter is done and includes articles on:

– Five Day Tender Offers: What Can Market Participants Expect?
– Five Day Tender Offers: Conditions and Timelines
– Wake-Up Call for Private M&A Deal Structuring
– Courts Increasingly Skeptical of the Value of Disclosure-Only Settlements
– Transaction Costs: Negotiating Their Tax Benefit
– Food for Thought: Conflicting Views on the “Knowing Participation” Element of Aiding & Abetting Claims

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– Broc Romanek