January 20, 2015

Today’s Webcast: “Pat McGurn’s Forecast for 2015 Proxy Season”

Tune in today for the always entertaining webcast – “Pat McGurn’s Forecast for 2015 Proxy Season” – when Davis Polk’s Ning Chiu and Gunster’s Bob Lamm join Pat McGurn of ISS (the proxy season expert) to recap what transpired during the 2014 proxy season and what to expect for 2015. Please print off this deck before the program. And yes, we will discuss proxy access…

In case you missed it, yesterday I posted a blog entitled “Proxy Access Punt: Top 5 Things People Are Asking.” And, as always, we have a ton of resources posted on our site for the proxy season including this updated Annual Meeting Toolkit and these proxy season reminders

Isn’t It Strange That the US Gets to Fine a French Company for Bribery Not In The US?

This DOJ announcement last month that a French company – Alstom – agreed to pay $772 million in a Foreign Corrupt Practices Act case made my head twirl. $772 million! And the DOJ brought a FCPA case against a non-US company for bribery that didn’t take place in the US! See this Forbes article for more…

Poll: How Would You Treat a Proxy Access Shareholder Proposal?

Pretend you are at a company that received a proxy access shareholder proposal – and that you’re the ultimate decision-maker about how to handle it. What would you do? Answer via this anonymous poll:

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– Broc Romanek