January 28, 2015

Our New “Form 8-K Handbook”

Spanking brand new. By popular demand, this comprehensive “Form 8-K Handbook” covers all you need to know about “real time” disclosures via Form 8-K (it’s now posted on our “Form 8-K” Practice Area). This one is a real gem – 189 pages of practical guidance.

SEC Roundtable on February 19th: Proxy Voting

For some reason, when I saw this press release from the SEC yesterday about a February 19th roundtable on proxy voting, my initial reaction was “Hasn’t this been done before? Like every 3 years?” But it winds up just part of me becoming old & jaded. There have been roundtables on proxy advisors in ’13, securities lending & short sales in ’09 and proxy voting & state corporate law in ’07 – but none of these prior roundtables tackled the two topics of this upcoming roundtable: universal ballots & how technology can improve retail investor participation in the proxy process…

Webcast: “Proxy Solicitation Tactics in M&A”

Tune in tomorrow for the webcast – “Proxy Solicitation Tactics in M&A” – to hear Okapi Partners’ Chuck Garske, Alliance Advisors’ Waheed Hassan, Managing Director and Innisfree’s Scott Winter discuss the latest techniques used to sway opinion and bring in the vote – including social media – as well as how traditional tactics have evolved.

– Broc Romanek