December 9, 2014

Why The Brouhaha Over “Gadfly”?

Here’s a funny article entitled Why the Brouhaha Over “Gadfly”? by Keith Bishop inspired by the recent debate between Professor Stephen Bainbridge and me over this DealBook piece. Here’s my blog – and Stephen’s rebuttal

By the way, here are recommendations of the “Investor as Owner Subcommittee” of the SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee about impartiality in the disclosure of preliminary voting results. In addition to the recommendations, there is a good description of the current state of play in this area…

Shareholder Proposals: Evelyn Y. Davis (“Dougie” Version)

I’ve vowed to step up my game making videos – and one of my new styles is the jump-cutting that has made the Green brothers so successful. So see if you like this new version of my educational video about Evelyn Y. Davis:

Here’s a video about how to really do the “Dougie”…

Poll: Would You Use “Gadfly” In a Sentence?

Oops, I just did myself in the title of this blog! Anyways, what is your ten cents:


– Broc Romanek