November 10, 2014

Stevie Wonder, We Love You Too!

Haven’t done this before. Deciding to scrap a blog of substance for this more personal one. At age 64, Stevie Wonder put on a mesmerizing show last night in DC, touring on his “Songs in the Key of Life” album forty years after its creation. This review of his stop in Madison Square Garden calls the show “emotional” and that nails it on the head. Stevie laughed. He cried. And he must have told the audience “I love you” at least a dozen times. His voice – and amazing skills on at least a dozen instruments – remain as strong as ever. So he didn’t need the 40-piece band and 6 back-up singers. But he used them.

But the best part was when he spoke truth about the world and urged us to simply love each other. So I will pass that on and say “I love you” to my faithful readers. Thank you for reading and spread the joy of love, which is the gift of life. Here’s Stevie with India.Arie:


– Broc Romanek