November 12, 2014

More on “EDGAR Dissemination: Still Favoring Subscribers?”

Last Monday, I blogged about a study that found that paying subscribers appear to gain access to SEC filings ahead of the rest of us. Good news! This WSJ article notes how that advantage has steadily dwindled over the past week since the mass media has been covering this story. Here’s an excerpt from that article:

On Tuesday, filings were published on the SEC’s website an average of 35 seconds after Mr. Jackson received them on his direct feed. The lag dropped to 27 seconds on Wednesday, when the Journal article was published. On Thursday and Friday the delay narrowed even more, with filings appearing on the SEC’s “Edgar” site an average of about three seconds and 2.5 seconds, respectively, after being published on Mr. Jackson’s feed. The drop in the lag time continued Monday, according to Mr. Mitts.

Poll Results: When Did EDGAR Filings Become Available in Real-Time? Shocking Answer of 2002

I also ran a poll in this blog about when EDGAR filings became available to the general public in real-time. For some reason, I wasn’t shocked that only 22% guessed the right answer – that the delay of SEC’s EDGAR database being available to the general public only after a 24-48 hour delay ended in 2002. I wasn’t shocked because the right answer is so unbelievable. Anyways, 41% guessed 1995 and 29% guessed 2000 (6% guessed 1989 and 2% guessed 1987). My lack of surprise is that it’s shocking that this incredible delay continued for years and years after EDGAR was born…

More on “ISS Announces QuickScore 3.0: Verify Your Data by November 14th”

A few weeks ago, I blogged that ISS announced that QuickScore 3.0 will be launched on November 24th for the 2015 proxy season (in other words, that’s the first date the new governance ratings will be included in research reports). Since then, ISS changed the home page of QuickScore 3.0 to this page – and posted the related technical document on that page. In addition, I have posted the best of the memos in the “Governance Ratings” Practice Area – including this nifty one from Sullivan & Cromwell.

Remember that data verification for QuickScore 3.0 ends on Friday! Meanwhile, we are posting oodles of memos on the policy updates for both ISS & Glass Lewis in our “Proxy Advisors” Practice Area

Poll Redux: How Are You Responding to Your SDX Shareholder Engagement Letter?

Back in September, I ran a poll in this blog to address the query about how companies were responding to the SDX engagement letter (here’s those results). Some members have asked that I re-run the poll to see if there are any changes to what folks are doing. Here it is:


– Broc Romanek