October 22, 2014

Posted: Archive Video from the “Usable Proxy Workshop”

Last month, I co-hosted a “Usable Proxy Workshop” with Addison in NYC for a group of in-house folks. The panels were video-taped (thanks to the host of our location, Simpson Thacher!) – and I have now posted those video archives in our “Usable Disclosure” Practice Area. So you can check out those panels (which include speakers from the companies leading the charge for more usable disclosure, such as GE, Coca-Cola, Pru, Western Union, etc.), as well as the related course materials at your leisure.

The panel topics include:

– “What Investors Really Want to See In Your Proxy”
– “Information Design 101: Beyond Fonts & Colors”
– “Bold Thinking in the Digital Age”
– “Video as a Disclosure Tool”
– “How to Use Customized Graphics to Enhance Your Message”
– “How to Best Work With Design Firms”

Checklist: How to Best Work With Design Firms

Recently, I posted this checklist about how to work with design firms that specialize in usable proxies. The checklist is filled with practice pointers from three in-house folks that have led the way making their proxy statements more usable. In addition, I just posted these two other related checklists:

Annual Meetings – Dedicated Web Pages
Annual Review Videos

Online Proxies: The Use of Tiles-Based Navigation

Recently, I received an email from Rich Andrews of EZOnlineDocuments reminding me of the growing use of “tiles” for online proxies to facilitate navigation in a growing mobile world. Tiles is a big boost to usability because if you open a PDF on a tablet or smart phone, there is no option to full-text search, etc. Probably the best way to explain “tiles” is to just show you. Here are examples from this year:

Xcel Energy
Otter Tail

– Broc Romanek