September 23, 2014

Whistleblowers: $30 Million! Time to Quit That Day Job…

Wow. A $30 million whistleblower award. Maybe we all soon will be shopping for a job where the CEO and CFO are crooked? Might be a nice way to cash in. Yesterday, the SEC announced an award of that size to a whistleblower in a foreign country. A whistleblower’s identity is kept confidential so we don’t know exactly where.

The kicker is that the SEC’s order notes that the whistleblower might have been awarded even more money if he had acted sooner in bringing information forward! I would have blown the whistle for a mere $5 million. Maybe there needs to be some kind of cap?!? Here’s analysis from Kevin LaCroix.

Climate Change: $24 Trillion Coalition!

As noted in this press release, big investors and a number of companies want more climate policy certainty in order to make investments. Nearly 350 global institutional investors representing over $24 trillion in assets have called on government leaders – see the press release (and this “Proxy Season Blog” entry) for specific aspects of policy and a price on carbon to move forward…

PCAOB: Staff Alert for Auditors Dealing with Going Concerns

Yesterday, the PCAOB issued Staff Audit Practice Alert #13 to remind auditors to continue to follow existing PCAOB standards when considering a company’s ability to continue as a going concern. Here’s some analysis from the “FEI Daily.”

– Broc Romanek