September 26, 2014

Could a CEO’s Divorce Materially Affect a Company’s Future?

This Dallas News article set me off. It talks about a CEO keeping his divorce a secret for 10 months. It’s not the board’s business – it’s not the business of shareholders either. My opinion is that folks should be evaluated based on their job performance – not how they manage their personal lives (unless it veers into criminal territory a la Ray Rice).

Of course, your personal life can impact your job performance – and if so, that’s a tough break and that flawed job performance is fair game to be judged on.

But to me, a divorce is no different than hundreds of other situations in our personal lives that might impact someone’s perception of how we perform – but not reflect how we truly perform. And if that’s truly the case, it ain’t no one’s business but your own.

I should note that this case has complicating factors in that the divorce might wind up with the CEO giving 20-30% of the company to his soon-to-be-ex-wife…

More on “Disclosure of Preliminary Voting Results”

As Steve Quinlivan notes in this blog, the “Investor as Owner” Subcommittee of the SEC’s Investor Advisory Committee has issued two recommendations on disclosure of preliminary voting results. The paper making the recommendations has a nice recap and lay of the land in this area…

This MoFo blog notes that a group of Senators has sent in a letter to SEC Chair White about the need to adopt the SEC’s proposal that would make certain changes to Regulation D, Form D and Rule 156. In contrast, SEC Commissioner Gallagher recently delivered a speech urging the SEC to withdraw those proposed rules…

Course Materials Now Available: Many Sets of Talking Points!

For the many of you that have registered for our Conferences coming up on Monday, we have posted the “Course Materials” (attendees received a special ID/PW this week via email that will enable you to access them; note that copies will be available in Vegas). The Course Materials are better than ever before – with over 50 sets of talking points comprising over 150 pages of practical guidance. We don’t serve typical conference fare (ie. regurgitated memos and rule releases); our conference materials consist of originally crafted practical bullets and examples. Our expert speakers certainly have gone the extra mile this year!

For those seeking CLE credit, here’s a list of states in which credit is available for watching the Conferences live in Vegas and by video webcast.

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– Broc Romanek