August 29, 2014

SEC: New Disclosure Rules for Asset-Backed Securities

A few days ago, the SEC adopted new rules for asset-backed issuers governing the disclosure, reporting, and offering process. This is the 1st part of the new rules relating to Regulation AB II. The adopting release is sorta not out yet (it’s out in draft form while pending OMB review). And here are notes from the open meeting from Alston & Bird and MoFo.

In addition, the SEC adopted rules to reform credit rating agencies. The adopting release is posted.

Rebuttal to “Shareholder Proposals: 10 Things About NY Times’ ‘Gadflies’ Column”

After my blog last week that parsed this DealBook column, Professor Bainbridge went through my “10 Things” in this blog and gave his 10 cents on each. He embraces the “gadfly” term for openers…

Something Cool to Talk About at Labor Day BBQs? Cinemagraphs

You gotta check out these animated photos called “cinemagraphs“…

– Broc Romanek