July 10, 2014

Climate Change Disclosure: Ceres’ New Search Tool

Last week, Ceres – collaborating with CookESG Research – launched a free search tool that allows easy access to climate change disclosures for the Russell 3000 in SEC filings. The tool can be used to search for companies individually or by industry. And the last column entitled “Reports,” quickly enables you to determine whether the company has made a climate change disclosure or not. If the company has made such a disclosure, you view a Ceres report (once you register, which is free) that not only shows you the relevant excerpt from the SEC filing – there is a graphic that indicates the type(s) of disclosure that were made. Pretty nifty. Here’s a 1-minute video showing you how the tool operates:

Kate Kelly of Bristol-Myers Squib has created this helpful chart comparing the SASB/GRE/IIRC frameworks, which is very useful when figuring out the alphabet soup of sustainability reporting initiatives. This blog by Stephen Donofrio analyzes how Ceres’ tool works (including 10 sample searches) – and here’s a Bloomberg article about the tool…

Podcast: Handling Shareholder Proposals

In this podcast, Amanda Johnson of PSEG provides some insight how they handle shareholder proposals at her company, including:

– What are some of your preliminary steps in the negotiation process?
– What is your negotiation approach and is it the same in all negotiations?
– Once you’ve gathered all of the facts, what happens next?

Don’t forget about our new “Job Board,” with three job openings currently listed…

Mailed: May-June Issue of “The Corporate Counsel”

In late June, we mailed the May-June Issue of The Corporate Counsel that includes pieces on:

– Our Rule 14a-8 Off-Season Check-Up Guide
– Receiving Shareholder Proposals—Honing the Logistics
– The Art (and Science) of the Deficiency Notice
– Evaluating the Likelihood of Receiving Shareholder Proposals
– Vote Counting Disclosure—NYSE Rules Still Treat Abstentions as “Votes Cast”
– Will Crowdfunding Revive the Intrastate Offering Exemption?
– The Use of Powers of Attorney and Form S-8
– Internal Control Over Financial Reporting—Implementing the New COSO Framework

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– Broc Romanek