May 12, 2014

How Much Would You Charge For a Rule 144 Opinion?

A while back, I was posting updated sample memos, letters, etc. in our “Rule 144″ Practice Area – I just posted this updated “Rule 144 Handbook” – and I was reminded of Keith Bishop’s blog on “How Much Would You Charge For a Rule 144 Opinion?” And Keith’s latest is entitled “Rule 144 Opinion Letters – Do They Protect Anyone?” I’d be interested in your feedback…

A lot of members sent on this NPR bit about “To Find Insider Trading, Follow The Kids’ Money.”

Webcast: “Appraisal Rights: A Changing World”

Tune in tomorrow for the webcast – “Appraisal Rights: A Changing World” – during which Morris Nichols’ John DiTomo, Morris Nichols’ Eric Klinger-Wilensky and Berger Harris’ Lisa Stark will analyze how appraisal rights work in a changing world, how to overcome common problems, and more.

As noted in Steve Quinlivan’s blog, the SEC has filed its response to NAM’s motion for an emergency stay in the conflict minerals case…

Poll: How Much Would You Charge for a Rule 144 Opinion?

The story above begs the question about how much would you charge for a standard Rule 144 opinion letter? Please participate in this anonymous poll:

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– Broc Romanek