May 15, 2014

Conflict Minerals: Full Steam Ahead as Court Denies Stay Motion Again

Moonshot denied. In a one-sentence order, as noted in this WSJ article, the US Court of Appeals for DC denied NAM’s emergency motion to stay effectiveness of the SEC’s conflict minerals rules yesterday. This happened the day after NAM filed its reply to the SEC’s brief in the matter. So it looks like the courtroom drama is over and companies should be preparing to file their first Form SDs by the end of June 2nd in accordance with Corp Fin’s latest guidance on the topic (here’s the memos about this guidance from our “Conflict Minerals” Practice Area)…

SEC’s Office of Chief Accountant: Looking for Work?

Gave a double take when I saw the title of this WSJ blog: “SEC Frets It’s Not Getting Enough Accounting Questions.” In it, the Deputy Chief Accountant Dan Murdock notes that questions are down 40% and he wonders what is causing the decline. He did posit a number of possible reasons for the decline such as fewer new accounting rules, decline in transactions with complex accounting, auditor’s national offices receiving fewer requests from fellow auditors in the field and an increasing focus on internal controls by auditors.

My poll results for which celebrity would you buy a piece of? Winner is Bing Crosby (38%); followed by Paris Hilton (23%); Mayor Rob Ford (20%); Smokey the Bear (11%) and DaMar (7% – the Dave & Marty combo)…

What is “DealNexus”?

In this podcast, Tony Hill, the Director of DealNexus at Intralinks, explains DealNexus – a social dealmaking tool specifically designed for deals, including:

– How does DealNexus work?
– How does it differ from AngelList and other online connectors?
– What’s new in the DealNexus 3.0 update?
– Any surprises since you launched?

– Broc Romanek