May 21, 2014

Cap’n Cashbags: Recruiting Bill Clinton to Serve on Comp Committee

In this 20-second video, Cap’n Cashbags – a CEO – tries to recruit former President Bill Clinton, who would then serve on his company’s compensation committee – a subset of the board who sets his pay:

NYSE Withdraws Proposal to Relax Director Independence Requirements in Spin-Offs

Last month, I blogged that the NYSE has proposed to relax its bright line director independence tests in spin-offs. Weil Gotshal now reports: “Recently, however, the NYSE removed from its website the proposed rule filing for the change, and the NYSE has advised us that the proposal is no longer active. Additionally, the NYSE advised that it is not certain what, if any, rule filing on the subject may be proposed in the future.”

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– Broc Romanek