March 5, 2014

No, GCs Should Not Be on the Board

When I read this article entitled “Should GCs Be on the Board? GCs Say Yes,” I began to write a rebuttal – but decided to not be so negative. But then a few weeks later, well-respected Ben Heineman – former GC of General Electric – weighed in with his views. I agree wholeheartedly with Ben. The old saying of “a doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient” seems applicable.

In our “Board Composition” Practice Area, we have a few articles on lawyer-directors, including this recent one on the rise of the lawyer-director.

Warren Buffett’s Annual Letter to Shareholders

A few days ago, Warren Buffett released his annual letter to shareholders. Here’s a “D&O Diary blog” and Bloomberg article about it…

Remember last week when I blogged about Fortune’s “exclusive preview” of part of Buffett’s letter. According to this article, that excerpt got slightly changed in the final version of the letter…

Don’t forget my 80-second video entitled “Annual Shareholder Meetings: Far-Flung Locations? Why?”…

Webcast: “Conduct of the Annual Meeting”

Tune in tomorrow for the webcast – “Conduct of the Annual Meeting” – to hear Melissa Caen of the Southern Company; Shelly Dropkin of Citigroup; Carl Hagberg of The Shareholder Service Optimizer and Wendy Mahling of Xcel Energy explain how they handle the many challenges of running an annual shareholders meeting.

Don’t forget that we have 16 different checklists to help you prepare for your annual meeting! See our “Annual Shareholders’ Meetings” Practice Area

– Broc Romanek