February 11, 2014

Our Pair of Popular Executive Pay Conferences: A 33% Early Bird Discount

We are excited to announce that we have just posted the registration information for our popular conferences – “Tackling Your 2015 Compensation Disclosures: The Annual Proxy Disclosure Conference” & “Say-on-Pay Workshop: 11th Annual Executive Compensation Conference” – to be held September 29-30th in Las Vegas and via Live Nationwide Video Webcast. Here are the agendas – 20 panels over two days.

Early Bird Rates – Act by March 14th: Huge changes are afoot for executive compensation practices with pay ratio disclosures on the horizon. We are doing our part to help you address all these changes – and avoid costly pitfalls – by offering a special early bird discount rate to help you attend these critical conferences (both of the Conferences are bundled together with a single price). So register by March 14th to take advantage of the 33% discount.

Here is a 45-second video to remind you of the special nature of our conferences…

Wait a Minute! Is the JOBS Act’s Confidential Filing Process Really So “Stealthful”?

Sigh. Yesterday’s top story in the NY Times’ Business section was titled “‘The New Normal’ for Tech Companies and Others: The Stealth I.P.O.” The piece was reacting to GoPro’s confidential S-1 submission (here’s their Rule 135 notice), noting that:

Companies like GoPro are taking advantage of a provision in the 2012 JOBS Act that allows a company to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission but withhold from the public significant information about its finances until just before shares are sold to the public.

When Twitter filed confidentially, we went down this road before. I blogged back then that 21 days seemed like plenty to digest a S-1 – and cited a New Yorker piece that noted that 21 days used to be the norm back in the day.

The NY Times wasn’t the only one to highlight GoPro’s confidential filing – there were others such as this article. Meanwhile, if you don’t know anything about GoPro, check out the vids on their site (in this article, The Telegraph picks the Ten Best of the Year). Cool!

Poll Results: How Many Weeks Do Investors Need to Digest the Form S-1 Before an IPO?

A few months ago, I ran a poll asking you how many weeks should Form S-1 be publicly available before an IPO. Here are the results:

– 6 weeks – 5%
– 5 weeks – 2%
– 4 weeks – 13%
– 3 weeks – 33%
– 2 weeks or less – 43%
– What’s an IPO? – 3%

– Broc Romanek