February 13, 2014

Corp Fin’s New Chief Counsel: David Fredrickson

Ahead of the winter storm, the SEC made a trio of appointments yesterday. Corp Fin coaxed David Fredrickson to leave the SEC’s Office of General Counsel and serve as its Chief Counsel and Associate Director. David has been the chief OGC liaison to Corp Fin for over 15 years and knows Corp Fin’s rules & regulations well. I worked with him on a number of rulemakings in the late ’90s – and you couldn’t meet a nicer guy. Go Cal!

Another appointment is the rehiring of Paul Leder to serve as the Director of the SEC’s Office Of International Affairs. Paul served in OIA back in the ’90s before he went into private practice and is another great guy…

The SEC Hires “The” Investor Advocate!

And the truly big news is that the SEC finally hired the Investor Advocate, a new position created by Dodd-Frank. Rick Fleming is moving over from NASAA (the state securities regulators association) where he serves as Deputy General Counsel. Before that, he spent 20 years in Kansas state government including their securities regulator. I imagine Rick will begin hiring staff for his new office once he’s in place.

As I blogged back in 2010 when this new Office was mandated, I’m a little confused about what the role of this new office will be given that the entire SEC has the mission of investor protection. Not to mention that an “Office of Investor Education and Advocacy” already exists – and an “Investor Advisory Committee” was created in 2009…

Transcript: “Executive Compensation Litigation: Section 162(m) Disclosures”

I have posted the transcript for the recent webcast: “Executive Compensation Litigation: Section 162(m) Disclosures.”

– Broc Romanek