February 24, 2014

Celebrity Sighting! Mark Cuban Goes to SEC School

Mark Cuban takes in a securities law conference! News at 11! As noted in this DealBook article, Mark was tweeting up a storm during PLI’s “SEC Speaks” on Friday. Wearing a grey hoodie – gotta love that (jealous! although maybe akin to my hat-wearing at the Society conference last summer), Mark apparently sat through the entire day on Friday. Impressive stamina!

Here is a handful of Cuban’s tweets during the conference:

cuban 2.JPG

You might recall I had my own run-in with Cuban on Twitter last month, as noted in this blog

One Degree of Separation: Me & Mark Cuban

So I didn’t go to the conference – and thus missed Mark – but Terence Rasmussen of CarMax caught up with Cuban & here is a pic of them together:

photo 2.JPG

And then here is a pic of me with Terence a few hours later:


SCOTUS Briefs: SEC Files In Halliburton Fraud-on-the-Market Case

Over the weekend, the SEC posted its 49-page amicus curiae brief for the Supreme Court’s Halliburton Co. v. Erica P. John Fund case. Here’s a list of all the briefs so far. Oral argument is less than two weeks away, on Wednesday, March 5th…

In today’s entry on “The Mentor Blog,” I discuss an amicus brief submitted by the SEC in a whistleblower case…

– Broc Romanek