January 17, 2014

Survey Results: Usable Disclosure for Proxy Statements

Here are the latest survey results about usable disclosure for proxy statements:

1. For our next proxy season, the process of drafting our proxy statement:
– Will remain the same and already is drafted with “story telling” – 17%
– Will remain the same and we don’t strive to tell stories – 34%
– Will change because we want to tell more stories – 14%
– Will change but it won’t include more stories – 20%
– Not sure at this time – 14%

Please take a moment to anonymously participate in our “Quick Survey on Conflict Minerals” and “Quick Survey on D&O Questionnaires and Director Independence.”

The Risks of Title Inflation

A while back, I blogged about “executive officer” determinations and I ran a poll about how a title of “Chief Legal Bear” would make you feel. The flip side of title determinations is the risk of title inflation. This blog from RacetotheBottom talks about a recent court case that illustrates the risks handing out titles that have little to do with actual job responsibilities.

Director Diversity Initiative

In this podcast, Professor Lissa Broome discusses:

– Why do you think that solving board diversity problems hasn’t progressed much this past decade?
– Are there certain types of companies that seem to have the most diversity problems?
– What is the “Director Diversity Initiative”?
– Have you experienced any positive results as the result of your Initiative?

– Broc Romanek