January 22, 2014

ISS Seeks Comments on Long Range Policy Changes

First mentioned at our executive pay conference last September, ISS has now opened a new consultation period on approaches to longer term policy changes beyond 2014. This is the first year ISS is enacting this type of method for seeking market feedback – with the goal of shifting its process from a seasonal to a continual focus on policy development. The consultation period closes on February 14th. Direct comments to

Here are the proposals to consider:

Director Tenure (U.S. and Canada)
Director Independence (U.S.)
Role of Company Performance in Director Evaluation (Japan)
Independent Chair Shareholder Proposals (U.S.)
Auditor Ratification (U.S.)
Equity-Based Compensation Plans (U.S. and Canada)
Share Issuances without Preemptive Rights (Continental Europe and Asia)

Will the SEC Re-Propose Resource Extraction Rules? Maybe

This recent Reuters article discusses the chances of the SEC re-proposing the resource extraction disclosure rules that got struck down in court last year. SEC Commissioner Gallagher – who had voted against the rule before it was struck – says he could support a scaled-back rule if it wasn’t burdensome.

Conflict Minerals: SEC Posts Form SD

A week ago, the SEC posted its Form SD for conflict minerals reporting…

– Broc Romanek