January 6, 2014

Corp Fin Issues 5 More “Bad Actor” CDIs (& a 13d-3 CDI)

Following on the heels of the issuance of 14 CDIs last month clarifying the application of the “bad actor” disqualifications from Rule 506 offerings, Corp Fin issued five more “Securities Act Rules Compliance and Disclosure Interpretations” in this area on Friday. They are:

New Question 260.28
New Question 260.29
New Question 260.30
New Question 260.31
New Question 260.32

In addition, the Staff issued one CDI under Rule 13d-3 that relates to one of the new Bad Actor CDIs.

SEC Enforcement Co-Director George Canellos Leaving

Kinda funny. On the day that Mark Cuban & I traded tweets over my blog about him and his beef with the SEC’s Enforcement Division, the SEC announces that one of the co-heads of Enforcement is leaving. As noted in this NY Times article, it’s no big surprise that George Canellos is leaving. SEC Chair White had installed George as co-head last April when fellow co-head Andrew Ceresney joined the SEC from her old law firm (note that Ceresney also worked with the Chair in the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York before that). Here is a pic of some of the tweets I received from Mark Cuban:


Your New Year’s Resolution? Lifestyle Adjustment

In this podcast, Jennifer Martella – a former securities lawyer turned wellness consultant – provides insights into how you should be approaching your life, including:

– Although we have the best of intentions when making annual resolutions and promises to ourselves, why do you believe we so quickly break them?
– New Years resolutions often focus on diet and exercise. What other areas come under the wellness umbrella that we can seek to improve in the New Year?
– Can you share a few key tools busy executives can incorporate into their over-booked schedules to improve health and wellness in the New Year?

– Broc Romanek