November 15, 2013

Profile: SEC Chair Mary Jo White

This new 11-page article from the New Yorker profiling SEC Chair Mary Jo White is intimate (her favorite band is Fleetwood Mac!) and touches on a number of topics, including the one that drives me a bit crazy, the “revolving door.”

Even More on the “Revolving Door”

I feel like I’ve blogged too much on the “revolving door” – here was my latest – but it continues to be a hot topic. This blog by David Smyth a few months ago reflects my feelings on this topic. And this DealBook column takes the opposite view, noting some proposals that would stymie the revolving door.

And this note that I received from a member also rings true in some cases:

The irony is that I suspect that if anything, the influence is running in the other direction. Every former Staffer I have ever worked with seemed very quick to side with the Staff, and perhaps I’ll say hesitant to take a differing view. Recently I worked with someone with “connections”, and to be honest, I worried that his friendly relations, and his personal interest in maintaining them, made him less aggressive than I personally thought was warranted under the circumstances. Ironic.

Mailed: September-October Issue of “The Corporate Counsel”

We have mailed the September-October Issue of The Corporate Counsel, and it includes pieces on:

– Regulation D Reimagined: Grappling with the New Rule 506 Bad Actor Disqualification Provisions
– Form of Rule 506 Disqualification Event Questionnaire
– Concurrent Rule 506(c) Offerings and Rule 506(b) Offerings–Integration Issues
– Impact of FINRA Rules on Use of General Solicitation
– More on Exclusive Forum Provisions–Upheld in Delaware, Now What?
– New (and Improved) NYSE Quorum/Vote-Counting Standard
– Interactive Data Back in the Spotlight: XBRL as a Weapon?

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– Broc Romanek