September 4, 2013

Take Two Video: What to Do in DC

For the many of you coming into DC in a few weeks for our week of executive pay conferences, I have put together this “Take Two Video” on DC doings, including recommendations of sights to see, restaurants and bars:

When you visit the 9-11 Pentagon Memorial, I highly recommend that you do it at night. Much less crowded – and much more powerful. This photo doesn’t do it justice…

How to Visit the Supreme Court

Another cool thing to do in DC is visit the Supreme Court (as well as the Library of Congress adjacent to it – and then walk the short tunnel from there to the Capitol). Although SCOTUS won’t be in session during our conference week, it’s still worthwhile – particularly the half-hour tour in the actual courtroom that happens on the half hour every hour (described as a “courtroom lecture”).

By the way, here’s a preview by Lois Yurow about three consolidated cases arising from Stanford’s Ponzi scheme that will be heard by SCOTUS…

The Supreme Court’s Basketball Court

Most lawyers know that a basketball court resides directly over the courtroom. The hoops court has been labeled with the moniker as the “Highest Court in the Land.” Here is a note that I received from a member about it:

Regarding your tweet about the basketball court, when I was in college, Justice White gave a lecture at my school. In Bob Woodward’s book about the Court – “The Brethren” – he talks about White playing basketball on that basketball court with his clerks. At a reception after his lecture, a couple of us asked Justice White about that and he confirmed that he used to do that, but that he had better judgment now that he was in his 70s (this was in 1983). Justice White was a very gracious and very modest guy – even in his 70s, I’m sure he could kick the butts of most of his clerks in just about any athletic endeavor you can name.

“Whizzer” White’s a football legend, but what many people don’t know is that he was also the star of Colorado’s basketball team – and led them to the finals of the very first NIT at the Garden in 1938. Here’s an old LA Times article referencing his basketball prowess.

– Broc Romanek