June 6, 2013

Getting a Facelift: The SEC’s New Edgar Search Page

Last week, I was excited to see the SEC’s new Edgar search page, the first facelift for the page in a decade. For example, check out the beta view for company filings – here is Capital One as an example.

The display is much nicer than the old search tool. The upgrade begins to overcome one of my long-standing complaints – obscure nomenclature for the form names – since the form description is easily viewed (although there is still room for improvement, eg. a proxy statement is described as “Other definitive proxy statements” – and the form types still aren’t intuitive to a typical investor, eg. DEF 14A). Overall, the upgrade gets a “groovy” grade!

The new page’s tagline of “Free access to more than 20 million filings” reminds me of the old days of McDonald’s marketing campaign of “X million served“…

You Ever Wonder What Annual Shareholder Meetings Look Like?

In case you have never seen an annual shareholder meeting before, The National Center for Public Policy Research has posted videos for some of the 32 meetings this year that it has presented as a proponent. It also has posted press releases for each of those meetings, explaining what it’s activist position is for each company.

We have two post-mortem webcasts on the proxy season next week. On Tuesday, there is this one for non-pay issues on this site – and on Wednesday, there is one for executive pay issues on Tune in!

More on our “Proxy Season Blog”

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– Broc Romanek