December 20, 2012

SEC vs. S.E.C.

Last Sunday, the New York Times Magazine included this comparison of the Securities & Exchange Commission and the Southeastern Conference, one of the major collegiate sports conferences:


Hat tip to Dan Pliskin for reminding me about it!

First Attempt to Kill the Shareholder Proposal Rule? Early 1943

In the wake of my blog wishing a happy 70th birthday to Rule 14a-8, a member sent this fascinating New York Times article dated January 24, 1943, providing details of a Senate bill designed to kill the new shareholder proposal rule – the one that had just been adopted the month before! It seeks to revoke the SEC’s power to regulate proxies during wartime – with an amendment sought that all regulations prescribed by the SEC after November 1, 1942 be wiped out. Things were more radical back then that I thought…

ISS’ ExecComp Analytics

In this podcast, Mark Brockway of ISS Corporate Services discusses the latest developments related to ISS’ executive compensation analytic services, ExecComp Analytics, including:

– What is ExecComp Analytics?
– What was your goal in creating it?
– Any surprises so far since it went live?

– Broc Romanek