December 7, 2012

Dave & Marty on Dividends, Ozzy and Rule 10b5-1 Plans

In this podcast, Dave Lynn and Marty Dunn engage in a lively discussion of the latest developments in securities laws, corporate governance, and pop culture. Topics include:

– Special/Accelerated Dividends in Light of the Fiscal Cliff
– Ozzy: With or Without Black Sabbath
– Rule 10b5-1 Plans Under Scrutiny

Email me your thoughts on this Bloomberg article entitled “Netflix CEO Hastings Faces SEC Action Over Facebook Post.” I’ll be blogging next week but won’t mention you unless you give me permission.

SEC Approves Nasdaq’s Revised Deficiency Disclosure Listing Standard

As I blogged before, Nasdaq-listed companies will now have to disclose details when they don’t comply with a listing standard – and Nasdaq will have the authority to make that disclosure for you if you don’t make the disclosure. Here is the SEC’s order approving the revised Nasdaq rule a few days ago.

NYSE Proposes That Companies Provide Notices Through Web-Based System

As noted in this Sullivan & Cromwell memo, the NYSE has proposed changes to the Listed Company Manual that would require most notices to the NYSE by listed companies to be made electronically through, the NYSE’s web portal, or by email, rather than by telephone, fax, telegram or otherwise. Notice of material corporate events or statements regarding rumors during or shortly before market hours would still require telephone notice to the NYSE at least ten minutes prior to release.

– Broc Romanek