October 18, 2012

Five More Compensation Committee Proposals from Exchanges

Rightfully so, all of the attention over the Rule 10C-1 rulemaking has been on the NYSE Euronext and Nasdaq National Market proposals. In all of the excitement, I forgot to note the five other proposals from these exchanges, several of which were released just last week (these are posted in’s “Compensation Committee” Practice Area):

NYSE MKT Proposal

NYSE Arca Proposal

Nasdaq OMX BX Proposal

CBOE Proposal

BATS Exchange Proposal

SEC’s Study: Ability of SEC to Enforce ‘ 34 Act Registration Thresholds

As required under Section 504 of the JOBS Act, the SEC has sent its Special Study to Congress on its ability to enforce Exchange Act Rule 12g5-1 and Subsection (b)(3). Check out Prof. Larry Hamermesh’s reaction to the study, particularly to footnote 70.

Yesterday, the SEC posted the “Third Report on the Implementation of SEC Organizational Reform Recommendations.” Learn more about the structure – and inner workings – of the SEC during our upcoming webcast: “How the SEC Really Works.”

It’s Done: 2013 Executive Compensation Disclosure Treatise

We just mailed the Lynn, Borges & Romanek’s “2013 Executive Compensation Disclosure Treatise & Reporting Guide” to those that ordered a hard copy. The thing is huge at 1200-plus pages – on the verge on needing to be two volumes.

How to Order a Hard-Copy: Remember that a hard copy of the 2013 Treatise is not part of a membership so it must be purchased separately – however, members can obtain a 40% discount by trying a no-risk trial now.

And note there an additional 40% off when you purchase this Treatise in combination with the just finished Romanek’s “Proxy Season Disclosure Treatise & Reporting Guide.”

– Broc Romanek