June 19, 2012

Corp Fin’s New Position: Price Ranges in IPO Preliminary Prospectuses

One of those things I swore I blogged about – but slipped through the cracks. Corp Fin recently changed its policy on IPO price ranges, now allowing a $2 price range for offerings up to $10 per share, and 20% if the price is over $10. Previously, the range was limited to a $2 spread. (I note Facebook’s price range was $34 to $38.) The intent is to better reflect the inherent difficulty in pricing IPOs. Learn more in this memo posted in our “IPOs” Practice Area.

Check out this Cooley alert entitled “How Can ‘Oversubscribed’ be a Sign of IPO Weakness?”

62-Pages About This Season’s Disclosures: Spring Issue of Compensation Standards Newsletter

For members, we have posted our Spring 2012 issue of Compensation Standards print newsletter – thanks to Mark Borges! – that is a 62-page recap of how proxy disclosure went this past proxy season. Tune in next Thursday, June 28th to catch our webcast featuring Mark, Dave Lynn and Ron Mueller entitled: “Proxy Season Post-Mortem: The Latest Compensation Disclosures.”

Transcript: “Nasdaq Speaks ’12: Latest Developments and Interpretations”

We have posted the transcript from our recent webcast: “Nasdaq Speaks ’12: Latest Developments and Interpretations.”

– Broc Romanek