May 4, 2012

Today This Blog Turns Ten: Send Deal Cube Pics In Lieu of $

Please help me celebrate ten years of blogging by emailing me a picture of your favorite, your coolest or your tackiest deal cube (or send more than one!). I will post your photo with the others in our swank “Deal Cube Museum” – either keeping you anonymous or posting it with attribution, up to you – ahead of pitting the various pictures I receive in brackets and allowing y’all to vote for your favorite in a NCAA March Madness like tournament. I have 30 so far – need 30 more!

All good fun. Any deal cube picture will do – it doesn’t have to be lucite either (and each picture should be of a single cube, not your wall of them). They all can’t be the best – I need mundane ones too. And think of it as a blog birthday present when you email it to Here is what I remember what someone at my old law firm said back in the day: “Those things are just plastic pieces of junk to me, but man some in the firm are more proud of the cubes than their own kids!” I know many of you feel the same and are clinging on to those bad boys! I stupidly threw out two boxes of them about a decade ago save one. And don’t forget to send pics of old ones, it’s a great way to remember firms that have passed into history – there will be special recognition of the oldest one that I can find…

Yes, I know Corp Fin issued more JOBS Act FAQs yesterday – #18-41 in the series – but it’s my birthday party and I’ll beg if I want to…fuller coverage of that on Monday…

To get you in the mood, here is a picture courtesy of Jessica Pearlman of K&L Gates showing off her lovely cupboard:


And you can tell that Bob Lamm of Pfizer has been doing this for a while with his display:

deal cube city.jpg

– Broc Romanek