May 15, 2012

Just Added! Corp Fin Director Meredith Cross to “Proxy Disclosure Conference” Lineup!

We are very excited to announce that Corp Fin Director Meredith Cross will be part of our “7th Annual Proxy Disclosure Conference” on October 8th in New Orleans (and by video webcast). Just look at this beautiful baker’s dozen of panels for this Conference:

1. An Interview with Meredith Cross, Director of the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance
2. Say-on-Pay Disclosures: The Proxy Advisors Speak
3. The Executive Summary & Other Ways for Disclosure to Facilitate Solicitation
4. The Latest SEC Actions & CD&A Developments: Compensation Advisors, Clawbacks, Pay Disparity & More
5. Refining Your Pay-for-Performance Message & Addressing the Impact of Your Vote
6. Getting the Vote In: The Proxy Solicitors Speak
7. Dealing with the Complexities of Perks
8. Conducting – and Disclosing – Pay Risk Assessments
9. Overcoming Form 8-K Challenges
10 Handling the Golden Parachute Requirement
11. Challenges for Smaller Companies: Their First Year
12. How to Handle Preliminary Proxy Statements
13. How to Handle the ‘Non-Compensation’ Proxy Disclosure Items

Register Now for Early Bird Rates – Act by May 31st: For the early bird discount rate, register by May 31st. This Conference is paired with “Say-on-Pay Workshop: 9th Annual Executive Compensation Conference” and they will be held October 8-9th in New Orleans and via Live Nationwide Video Webcast.

Our New “Code of Ethics/Conduct Disclosure Handbook”

Spanking brand new. Posted in our “Code of Ethics” Practice Area, this comprehensive “Code of Ethics/Conduct Disclosure Handbook” provides a heap of practical guidance about the disclosure obligations under Item 406 of Regulation S-K and Item 5.05 of Form 8-K.

SEC’s Enforcement Division Takes On Deloitte & Touche in China

I’ve blogged numerous times about the risks of investing in some Chinese companies – and the challenges that regulators have with them here (see this blog). Last week, the SEC announced an enforcement action against Shanghai-based Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu for its refusal to provide the agency with audit work papers related to a China-based company under investigation for potential accounting fraud against US investors. Here is Francine McKenna’s blog entitled “Why Is The SEC Pursuing Deloitte Shanghai? Looks Like It’s Personal.”

Last week, the PCAOB posted its “2011 Annual Report,” weighing in at 50 pages…

– Broc Romanek