March 15, 2012

Corp Fin to Consider Tweaking Foreign Private Issuer Reporting System

Last week, Corp Fin Director Meredith Cross delivered this speech that kicks off with a quick recent history of the SEC’s FPI rulewriting in various areas as a way to demonstrate that the Staff is always evaluating: does this make sense anymore? I’m not sure that I read this speech as the Staff seeking to undertake a “full review” of the SEC’s FPI framework as noted in this Jones Day memo (although the memo does a great job of recapping the speech), particularly given all the Dodd-Frank rulemaking still ahead for the Staff…

Transcript: “Conduct of the Annual Meeting”

We have posted the transcript for the recent webcast: “Conduct of the Annual Meeting.”

The Latest in GRC Software

In this podcast, John Banas and Bruce Olcott of MyComplianceManager provide some insight into how software can make GRC compliance easier, including:

– What are the biggest trends you’re seeing in GRC over the past few years?
– We hear about GRC frequently, what does that term mean to you and what functions does it encompass?
– So what should a Compliance, Legal or Audit Executive look for when considering purchasing a GRC Suite or specific GRC modules?

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– Broc Romanek