September 16, 2011

Proxy Access: SEC’s Rule 14-a(8) Stay Lifted (Almost)

Sure enough, not long after I blogged yesterday about how the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit had not yet finalized its decision, I got word that the court had indeed done so in this brief ruling on Wednesday. But trust me, no one knew about it – so I have my excuse. So yesterday, the SEC posted this release and order lifting the stay – and thus the Rule 14-a(8) stay will be lifted once the new rules are published in the Federal Register. That might be today or next week sometime…

MSCI Slides Over Chief Administrative Officer to Head ISS

As I get ready for an early flight cross-country, I’m bashing out this blog. I thought this press release was notable yesterday – that MSCI has moved over its Chief Administrative Officer Gary Retelny to head ISS. It has long been rumored that MSCI would unload ISS after it bought RiskMetrics, but I guess the right buyer hasn’t yet emerged. By the by, Gary will remain as the corporate secretary of MSCI…

Poll: How Many Shareholder Proposals on Access Do You Expect in ’12?

Now that the SEC’s stay is being lifted, it’s a good time to gauge how many shareholder proposals dealing with proxy access do you think will be submitted to companies next proxy season:

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– Broc Romanek