August 24, 2011

Earthquake! SEC’s EDGAR Temporarily Suspended!

Wow. Two earthquakes in a year over here in DC. After none for the first three decades that I have lived here. Maybe not a big deal for those out in California, but yesterday’s quake scared this bald guy (and broke a few vases). Many workers were sent home early after being evacuated, making the commute a real mess. And some national treasures suffered damage, like cracks in the Washington Monument and broken spires on the National Cathedral.

Even the SEC felt the “shakes,” as this notice was posted on the agency’s home page last night:

The SEC has temporarily suspended operation of its EDGAR filing system as a precautionary measure due to Tuesday’s earthquake activity in the Washington, D.C. area. The system will be available tomorrow (Wednesday, 8/24) during regular business hours. For specific filer questions, SEC staff will be available to provide filer support for those filers attempting to submit documents during the temporary shutdown. Please contact Filer Support at 202-551-8900 for assistance.

At this point, it’s unclear if any “live” filings were impacted by the Edgar suspension since this notice was posted after the 5:30 pm cut-off. So, we don’t know at what time Edgar went off-line. If there were any missed filings that need backdating, sometimes the SEC allows for a blanket exemption – and sometimes requests for relief are needed. I imagine that the SEC will advise on this today.

Earthquake: The Aftershock Picture

Many pictures have been posted in the wake of what was a historical event in DC (“where were you during the quake of ’11?”). Here is my aftershock “crazy-eyes” picture:

broc shock 2.JPG

Poll: What Caused the Quake?

Please take a moment for this anonymous poll regarding what caused the DC earthquake:

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– Broc Romanek