May 3, 2011

Say-on-Pay: 11th & 12th Failed Votes

Last week, MDC Holdings filed this Form 8-K to report that it became the 11th company to fail to gain majority support for its say-on-pay, with only 34% voting in favor. In addition, Janus Capital Group filed this Form 8-K – with only 41% voting in favor – to become the 12th company with a failed say-on-pay. We continue to maintain our list of links to Form 8-Ks filed by companies with a failed SOP in our “Say-on-Pay” Practice Area on

Dodd-Frank: Another Rulemaking Progress Report

Here is the 2nd progress report from Davis Polk regarding all of the various agencies engaged in Dodd-Frank rulemaking. This one visually illustrates the regulatory burden imposed by Dodd-Frank, noting that all 26 rulemaking requirements in April were missed, increasing the backlog of missed rulemakings to 30.

The Changing Society of Corporate Secretaries

In this podcast, Ken Bertsch, President & CEO of the Society of Corporate Secretaries & Governance Professionals, explains how he envisions the future of the Society, including:

– How do you like your new position so far? Any surprises?
– What types of changes do you foresee for the Society in the near term? Further out?
– How will this year’s annual conference program differ from prior years?

– Broc Romanek