May 25, 2011

The Twitter Kool-Aid? Tastes Good

Dear Diary,

As I blogged back in January, I’ve come around to realize that the importance of Twitter has grown immensely over the past six months. I see broad acceptance by investors and investor relations departments. I see it growing as a mainstream news source. Although I still don’t see as many corporate lawyers on it, I know that day will come soon – soon I will revise my periodic blog about how Twitter is not yet critical for our corporate law community.

Meanwhile, I have been having fun getting back on the road preaching how social media is changing how we get information – and how the nature of it is different than just “push” or “pull,” rather it’s both since it’s supposed to be a “conversation.” And how ultimately social media can change your career if you take advantage of its opportunities.

The best part is that these social media panels give attendees an opportunity to do something they might not have done before – dance at a conference! Here is the MidAtlantic Chapter of the Society of Corporate Secretaries dancing in Philly yesterday before Doug Chia and I spoke on a social media panel. We were bewildered when what was left of the crowd – we were the last panel of the day – asked hordes of questions at the end. Far too many for us to answer in the time allotted. The entire panel should have been just Q&A!:

And here’s the Southeastern Chapter of the Society in Atlanta thinking about dancing before my solo presentation. They probably thought conference dancing was a little strange – but that’s okay as my stated primary goal was scaring folks into dipping their toes into workforce use of social media (ie. trying something new):

Can a Tweet Meet a Company’s Regulation FD Obligations?

During our recent “Tackling Social Media Issues” webcast, the panel tackled many tough issues that many of us will be facing in the near future. One issue not covered much during the program was the issue of whether a tweet can comply with Regulation FD. Dominic Jones provides his analysis – partly drawn from the comments made during the webcast – in this great piece on his “IR Web Report.”

Webcast Transcript: “Tackling Social Media Issues”

We have posted the transcript for the webcast “Tackling Social Media Issues.”

By the way, here’s a 4-minute video interview where I discuss social media after I spoke about the topic at a PLI conference recently:

– Broc Romanek