April 4, 2011

Corp Fin Updates Financial Reporting Manual (Again)

On Friday, Corp Fin updated its Financial Reporting Manual for issues related to combined periodic reporting, income averaging, changes in accountants, foreign private issuer financial statements, as well as other changes. Last revised in December (and October before that), Corp Fin has been updating the Manual much more frequently than in the past, deciding to do so a little bit at a time rather than major rewrites as in the past.

Mobile Phone Voting is Here!

In this podcast, Joe Vicari, VP-Business Strategy & Development of Broadridge, describes how Broadridge is facilitating voting by mobile devices, including:

– What is Broadridge’s new mobile voting platform, “Mobile Proxy Vote”?
– Do you have any sense of how often it being used by voters so far?
– Is there anything that companies need to do? Do they need to change their proxy cards or VIFs or their other descriptions of voting processes?

On Friday, as noted in this press release, Broadridge’s Rich Daly sent out letters to CEOs in an effort to increase the level of retail shareholders to vote. These levels have plummeted since e-proxy was adopted.

Webcast: “What the Top Compensation Consultants Are NOW Telling Compensation Committees”

Tune in tomorrow for the webcast – “What the Top Compensation Consultants Are NOW Telling Compensation Committees” – to hear Ira Kay of Pay Governance, Mike Kesner of Deloitte Consulting and George Paulin of Frederic W. Cook & Co. discuss what every director and compensation committee member should be asking, and focusing upon, today as well as practical guidance, inside tips and red flags from those “in the know.”

Note: You need Windows Media to listen to the webcast. Since our webcast provider no longer supports it, Real Player will not work going forward.

– Broc Romanek