April 27, 2011

Corp Fin Builds Out Its New Offices

Last July, Corp Fin Director Meredith Cross announced the creation of three new offices in the Division. Then in December, the heads of these new offices were selected, but the offices were not fully staffed due to budget concerns. Now that the SEC’s budget finally has been set for the year, Corp Fin recently begun to fill in these new offices by promoting Staffers from other groups as follows:

1. Office of Capital Market Trends – Special Counsels Damon Colbert, John Harrington and Andy Schoeffler; Analyst David Walz

2. Office of Structured Finance – Senior Special Counsel Rolaine Bancroft and Special Counsels David Beaning, Robert Errett and Jay Knight

3. Financial Services II, AD12 – Accounting Branch Chief Kevin Vaughn; Special Counsels Sebastian Gomez Abero and Michael Seaman; Attorneys Eric Envall and Celia Soehner; Accountants Angela Connell, Yolanda Crittendon, Brittany Ebbertt, Rebekah Lindsey, Lindsay McCord and Staci Shannon

We have updated our “Division of Corporation Finance Organization Chart” to reflect these changes and a few other promotions that recently were made.

Say-on-Pay: A Ninth Failed Vote

Yesterday, Navigant Consulting filed this Form 8-K to report that it became the 9th company to fail to gain majority support for its say-on-pay, with only 45% voting in favor. Ted Allen’s blog provides some analysis.

Transcript: “What the Top Compensation Consultants Are NOW Telling Compensation Committees”

We have posted the transcript for the webcast: Transcript: “What the Top Compensation Consultants Are NOW Telling Compensation Committees.”

– Broc Romanek