March 30, 2011

A Dearth of Whistleblower Complaints?

A few weeks ago, the NY Post ran this piece entitled “SEC whistleblower call draws few tipsters.” In it, the guy who runs the National Whistleblowers Center states he expected 3000 whistleblower complaints per year. Really? For 10,000 public companies – of which more than half are so small that there isn’t much to whistle about – I just think that number was completely unrealistic to begin with – dropping a zero would be more like it, if that…

Farewell to Bowne

With RR Donnelley’s acquisition of Bowne now complete, it is with fondness that I reflect back upon all those late nights at the printers. Over the years, as many of you have, I have sat through drafting sessions at all the printers but I understand that most of those days are behind us given email and other new technologies. Those were the days my friend…

Poll: My Favorite Financial Printer Moment

Please email me your favorite story about being at the printers (I will not share without your permission, as always). Here is a poll about your fondest memories of being at the printers:

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– Broc Romanek