January 4, 2011

Say-on-Pay: Five Steps to Maximize Your Shareholder Engagement Efforts

On, I just posted the Winter 2011 issue of our Compensation Standards newsletter that contains practical guidance, which supplements what I wrote in our “Say-on-Pay Solicitation Playbook” this past summer. The Winter issue covers these topics:

– Say-on-Pay: Five Steps to Maximize Your Shareholder Engagement Efforts
– Say-on-Pay Preparation: Six Other Actions to Consider
– Say-on-Pay Frequency: What Recommendation Should Management Make?
– Say-on-Pay Frequency: Does Management Need to Make a Recommendation?
– Say-on-Pay Frequency: Keep Tabs on How It Works in Practice
– A Future Regulatory Fix? Acquiring Executives Not Subject to Golden Parachute Vote

Act Now: This issue is available to all those with a 2011 membership. All 2010 memberships expired on December 31st. If you haven’t renewed your membership, you need to renew now to gain immediate access. If you’re not yet a member, try a 2011 no-risk trial now. You will also gain access to these upcoming webcasts: “The Proxy Solicitors Speak on Say-on-Pay” (1/18) and “The Latest Developments: Your Upcoming Proxy Disclosures–What You Need to Do Now!” (1/26).

ISS Issues 20 Compensation Policy FAQs

A few weeks ago, ISS issued a set of 2011 US Compensation Policy FAQs. There are four FAQs regarding say-on-pay vote frequency, nine on problematic pay practices and four on golden parachute votes.

Poll: Say-When-on-Pay Recommendations

In his “Proxy Disclosure Blog,” Mark Borges gives us the latest say-when-on-pay stats – with 71 companies filing so far, 55% recommend a triennial vote; 24% recommend a biennial; 11% recommend an annual and 10% make no recommendation.

Despite this early indication that triennial will be the most popular recommendation, there are those that think that annual will come out on top by the end of the day (including me for the reasons that I set forth in the Winter 2011 issue of the Compensation Standards newsletter). Take a moment and participate in this anonymous poll:

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– Broc Romanek