December 29, 2010

Breaking News: Reuters Distributes Press Releases in Editorial Feed

I’m trying real hard not to blog this week, but just can’t resist pointing out this excellent piece of investigative journalism by Dominic Jones of IR Web Report about how Reuters is now distributing press releases of its parent company’s corporate clients in its editorial feed to Yahoo! Finance, the world’s most popular investing website.

Not only does Dominic expose this unconventional move, but he proposes a theory as to why Reuters has gone this route – as well as pointing out that “the inclusion of news releases in Reuters’ feed to Yahoo! Finance is also likely to create regulatory headaches for Thomson Reuters’ European corporate clients whose securities are not registered with the SEC and cannot be promoted or sold in the US.”

Although I know many are worried that the demise of traditional mass media will result in the death of investigative reporting, I like to think that the opposite is true – the Web has created thousands of worthy journalists who have the expertise and will take the time to fill the shoes of the many reporters that have been laid off or taken early retirement…

– Broc Romanek