December 7, 2010

A Groovy Risk Assessment “Step-by-Step Action Plan” Chart

With much thanks to Mike Melbinger and Erik Lundgren of Winston & Strawn, we have posted their “Step-by-Step Action Plan” Chart that can be used by companies who are serious about risk assessment (it is posted in the “Risk Assessment” Practice Area). By following the possible 20 steps, the chart provides guidance to help:

– impose a structure,
– assist board/committee in compliying with fiduciary duties,
– help ensure legal compliance, and
– give attorney-client privilege protection, when necessary.

Check it out and give Mike and Eric your feedback…

Study: Reissuance Restatements vs Revision Restatements

In this recent study, Audit Analytics conducted research about the various types of restatements and, among other things, found the following:

– In 2009, 44% of Reissuance restatements (those requiring an 8-K, Item 4.02 disclosure because past financial statements could no longer be relied upon) were issued in the subsequent Form 10-K instead of a 10-K/A.

– Since 2005, both Reissuance restatements and Revision restatements (those not requiring an 8-K, Item 4.02 disclosure) have declined, but Revision restatements have increased as a percentage of overall adjustments.

We have posted the study in our “Restatements” Practice Area.

Mailed: 2011 Executive Compensation Disclosure Treatise

We just mailed the hard copies of Lynn, Borges & Romanek’s “2011 Executive Compensation Disclosure Treatise & Reporting Guide” to those that ordered it. As you can imagine, our members believe this is a critical resource for this proxy season. This hard copy of the 2011 Treatise is not part of and must be purchased separately – however, members can obtain a 40% discount by trying a no-risk trial now. We will then quickly deliver this 1000-plus page comprehensive Treatise as soon as you try the trial.

If you need assistance, please call our headquarters at (925) 685-5111 or email

– Broc Romanek